10 Best Creative Writing Prompts

10 Best Creative Writing Ideas. If you want to be a professional writer, you should improve your creative writing skills every single day. Your writing should express your feelings and thoughts in an imaginative and poetic way. But what to do, when you are sitting in front of blank screen and no one idea arises in your smart head. You strive to create a masterpiece but nothing comes to your mind. And you always ask yourself: “How do I write my paper, if I am not able to contrive something?” Luckily, we’ve designed this useful guide that offers you 10 best creative writing ideas!

Outside the window

Look out the window and observe what is going on outside. What is the weather there? Are people, who are passing by your house, happy or sad? Develop your imagination in a full power! Indeed, some say that it is easier to come up with fresh idea just looking at something.

Fun house cleaning activities

Turn on your creativity and think up tips that make house cleaning diverting. Write about doing laundry, sweeping, washing-up and mopping in an interesting way. You don’t even realize how entertaining your household chores can be. Try to discover the best ideas for making your housework enjoyable.


Maybe it is the most pleasant topic for writing. Describe what is usually for your breakfast, lunch or dinner. You may also write about that time you met friends at a café. If you like cooking or baking, write about what you usually do to make something very delicious.

The incredible power of eye contact

The eye contact is an integral part of powerful and effective communication. This way you can express those things that just cannot be expressed with words. Someone once said that two people who stare each other in the eye for sixty seconds straight will soon either be fighting or making love. Are you agree with it?


Write about where you usually purchase the products. Maybe you have favorite clothing shop, try to explain why it is so important for you and what type of clothes people can buy there. Imagine that you are seller of this shop, what would you do?

The danger of keeping secrets

Being entrusted with a secret can be both a burden and a delight. In fact, people are horrible at keeping secrets. Write about a secret you have kept from someone else. Share with your readers how you feel when you know that somebody is keeping a secret from you.

In pursuit of silence

We used to live in the noisy world but what to if silence reigned everywhere. Write also some suggestions how to stay quiet when you feel like shouting. Do you agree that stillness is a means to recovering contentment and happiness in our modern world? What does the sound of silence mean to you?

The magic of night sky

Lift your head and look at a night sky. What do you feel? Does it inspire you? What are you thinking at that moment?  Try to write down your thoughts clearly. People never get tired of looking at what`s happening up there.

I love you so much

Express the best feelings, feelings of love. Write about person who is special in your life. You may also come up with some useful tips for couples in love. Are you agree that people could not live without genuine and true love?

The power of smiling

A smile is a big giveaway to contentment, happiness, and inner peace. Write a poem or a short story about the things that make you smile. There are many things that can put a smile on our faces.