How to get ready for AP Calculus and main concepts of AP Calculus

AP Calculus or Advanced Placement Calculus is a program that was first developed in the United States to make students prepare calculus before moving to college. AP calculus comes in two formats- AP Calculus AB and AP Calculus BC. High school students may opt for either of the two.

The former is offered in high school as a pre- calculus program and is usually the first calculus course. It helps in being prepared for other AP courses and programs. AP Calculus AB comprises of topics like graphs, functions, asymptotic and unbounded behavior, continuity and derivatives, integrals, fundamental theorems and anti- differentiation. AP Calculus BC comprises of topics of AP Calculus AB plus topics like convergence series, integrations by parts, improper integrals, Euler’s method, differential equations, partial fractions etc.

After opting for calculus course in high school, you are able to earn college credit by passing Calculus AB or BC. AP Calculus AB cannot be taken simultaneously with AP Calculus BC and vice versa. AP Calculus AB has differential and integral calculus topics that are included in introductory calculus courses at the college level. Because graphing calculator use is already an important part of the course, the exam contains questions that require students to use a graphing calculator.

AP Calculus BC exam covers more material than the AB course. BC Calculus offers students higher course placement, more course credit, and greater acceptance at colleges with good math programs. Most colleges and universities accept high scores in math as well as quantitative reasoning. To get admission to such colleges, students opt for AP Calculus BC program. No doubt the course is very tough but it is responsible to be a part of great colleges in future.

Sometimes calculus becomes quite a pain to study. Do most of the problems, as patiently as you can and leave off the problems which are tough or unsolvable (according to you) to be done afterwards. It is important you practice such tough problems more than you do the easy ones. Your question paper will have tough questions and leaving them unattended is definitely not an option. If there are any assigned problems that you get wrong or cannot solve, then discuss it with someone like your assigned teacher or a friend. Make sure you know all the concepts of algebra, trigonometry and pre AP calculus before doing Calculus AB or BC.

Physics, astronomy, mathematics, and engineering make heavy use of calculus. It is interesting to see how calculus exists in our day to day life. However, biology, chemistry, economics, computing science, and other sciences use calculus too. Many students thus opt and work using calculus say in statistics, and computer programming.

To study AP calculus in college, you are expected to have taken Grade 12 pre calculus mathematics, or an equivalent course, and understood the entire material. Do regular practice with the help of notes and flash cards and be very prompt in answering questions like that of integrals, derivatives, differentiation, integration, series, sequences and fundamental theorems and asking about the same to your tutors and teachers.