Getting your kid calculus ready!

The nightmare is back! The very subject that you dreaded the most during your college days can render you sleepless again. Well, you will obviously have to help your kid handle calculus at a very early stage of his or her education. Unfortunately for most parents who hate calculus, the subject is now taught in schools at high school levels.

Children who score well in mathematics are often regarded as ‘brainy’. If not brainy, at least you do not want your child to be ‘the stupid child’ in class. What can you do to get your kid ready to handle the pressure of a subject like calculus? (more…)

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Taming the Culprits

I have often wondered about how the student-teacher relationship has changed over the years. We as children, used to respect our teachers and that respect was often expressed in the form of fear and obedience. Modern students tend to treat teachers more as their equals. Though some elicit fear, teachers falling in this category are very few.

Whatever the reason behind this behavior, the lack of fear among students will make it difficult for teachers to control the class especially when dealing with complicated subjects like Calculus. Not many students are Calculus fans. Teachers often find it difficult to grab the attention of students long enough during these sessions. (more…)

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Calculus simplified. How to love Mathematics

I have always loved Mathematics. I find it a little hard to believe that most people are uncomfortable with mathematics especially the Calculus part. Every branch of mathematics is related to each other and can be learned as easily as any other subject. I feel the real reason behind students disliking Calculus and other branches of mathematics lies in the way they learn the subject.

Most students try to by heart the formulas. What they do not understand is that calculus is a part of our daily lives. It is connected to almost everything in our lives. Every formula in calculus has the meaning. How hard would learning literature be if you start by hearting stories, poems etc? The same applies to calculus. (more…)

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Calculus is easy…

I used to be a proud member of the group ‘calculus haters’, during my college days. This used to be one subject that I could not make heads or tails of. The scariest part was the way ‘differential calculus’ and ’integral calculus’ sounded. Not able to score well in calculus, the math geeks wear my worst enemies. This was till I figured out what was going wrong.

I understand that calculus is now thought at high school levels. (more…)

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