Calculus is easy…

I used to be a proud member of the group ‘calculus haters’, during my college days. This used to be one subject that I could not make heads or tails of. The scariest part was the way ‘differential calculus’ and ’integral calculus’ sounded. Not able to score well in calculus, the math geeks wear my worst enemies. This was till I figured out what was going wrong.

I understand that calculus is now thought at high school levels. (more…)

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The Ideal Calculus Teacher

Mathematics is not ‘the favorite subject’ for many. Most parents complain about the low grades their children score in mathematics. Why is it that students find this subject difficult? We cannot blame the subject because there are a handful of students who excel in the subject as well as enjoy solving mathematical problems.

Teachers can, to a large extent, influence student’s mentality towards a subject. (more…)

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Help Your Kid Defeat Calculus

Mathematics is one of the worst enemies of students. Very few students enjoy the subject. For others mathematics is nothing more than a bunch of formulae, equations, steps and solutions. Among the different sections in mathematics like algebra, trigonometry etc calculus scares kids the most.

Dealing with integrals, limits, infinite series and derivatives this branch of mathematics is generally taught at college level. (more…)

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Finding a Good Online Calculus Tutor

Worried about your child’s score in calculus? Looking for tutors to help him with his lessons? Try online tutoring. An emerging trend in educational industry, online tutoring has helped students succeed in studying various subjects including the difficult ones like calculus. Online calculus tutoring can help your child scored better if chosen properly. (more…)

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