Can Calculus be Fun?

Calculus classes are a nightmare for most students. Parents share this feeling and teachers complain about the difficulty they face in making the students understand this subject. But is calculus really tough? How come there are students who enjoy the subject. Fortunately your kid will also love calculus if taught the proper way.

One thing we need to keep in mind is that calculus, even though a branch of mathematics is a little different from the other branches. You can easily grasp algebra, trigonometry or geometry without any understanding of calculus. (more…)

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Calculus! Teaching it to the Kids!

How can you teach a subject like calculus to kids? Asking them to by heart the formulae would be similar to asking an ant to lift a mountain. Calculus has immense applications in real life. Hence this branch of mathematics needs to be taught in a manner in which students can benefit in their future.

Calculus studies the effect of change. It studies how a function changes when a variable on which the function is dependent undergoes a change. (more…)

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