The necessity of calculus

Calculus and economics:

In economics calculus is routinely used. Economists determine the right time to sell or buy a product by studying calculus. In economics calculus helps to determine marginal value of an action, how does the price of item affect the buying behavior of people, or any other situation where measurement is required over the time.

Calculus and biology:

You can see the usage of calculus in biology also. In cases where modeling of enzymes required are required like in function of nutrient concentration and in finding out growth rate of bacteria. In other cases like modeling the population rate of certain species and also in modeling relationship between two different traits like skull length and backbone length.

Calculus in astronomy:

Since 17th century, calculus has been used in astronomy. It helps in calculating the orbits of starts and planets. It is required in calculating the speed of objects like asteroids, comets and other celestial bodies.

Calculus and engineering:

Here the calculus is used with respect to real world. Calculus is used in determining distances with precision like determining length of cable supported by two poles. Calculus is also used in determining the curved size or dome size of buildings.

Some other fields

Some other fields where calculus is used is in public policy, applied physics, graphic arts and computer science.

Some other ways in which calculus helps in real life situations:

Calculating the rate of growth rate of cancerous tumor, with calculus you can determine the life threatening growth rate. The progression of illness is determined with calculus.

You can also determine the volume of an odd shape object. You will require to calculate the volume of a ball or a box.

Calculus is used to determine the satellite imagery or the area of the earth available. This is used in base jumping. You can also get the 3D map of hilly and mountainous area. With calculus you can also determine the derivatives to find a point which is the steepest drop off point. Helps in mapping the three dimensional object. With differential calculus equations you can determine the entire place for base jump in any area.

Calculus helps in analyzing investment plans. With so many investing plans at times we face difficulty in deciding the suitable plan for us. Calculus gives us various options and answers to our query. You can determine growth rates of various plans. You get to know how the derivatives of functions and exponents of a compound interest will give you options and offer best value. To understand more complicated form of investments you can learn stochastic calculus, which gives information about options, mutual funds and stocks.

There is another use of calculus in order to determine the extinction rate of species. Various data is collected on different species of animals. They data is used in predator prey equation. This helps us to calculate the population growth rate and decline of many interdependent animals. Many naturalists do this in order to determine endangered species.